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The TRAY TENDER holds multiple trays for dispensing to an automatic manufacturing operation. The trays are placed on the bars (top left photo) and the stack is lowered until a tray is in the lowest position. Upon demand, the tray is dispensed to the production operation. The TRAY TENDER (shown bottom photo), is equipped with an automated nest to precisely register the tray for loading or unloading. The trays can be loaded in the upper empty bars while the lower trays are being dispensed. Each TRAY TENDER is tailored for the specific manufacturing application. The width and spacing of the bars can be designed to handle trays that are empty or filled with product. The optional nest can be designed to fit almost any application. The nest (bottom photo) shown drops the empty trays through the table, for disposal.

Total Tote Tray Tender.jpeg
Total Tote Tray Tender 3.jpeg
Total Tote Tray Tender 2.jpeg
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