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The TOTE TOWER is our most economical automatic stacked tote dispensing machine for stack only totes. It is specially designed to destack totes with label holders that can get bent or destroyed in other destacking devices. The TOTE TOWER will dispense a tote when needed based on a command from your equipment or a predetermined time.

24x15 Tower 1.jpg
12x15 Tower 1.jpg

This time saving device operates on 120 VAC and compressed air. It can be easily moved from one machine to another. There is an optional counter available to keep track of the number of parts in each tote for QC purposes and/or for inventory control. There is also an optional Strobe light to alert the user that additional totes for the machine are  necessary.

The TOTE TOWER is designed for the four most popular sizes of stack only totes. It is made for 7 1/2" x 12", 12" x 15", 15" x 24" and 22" x 24". All TOTAL TOTE machines can be customized for your particular application if needed.

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