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The Parts Controller is a tote handling accessory item that counts your parts and indexes the predetermining counter. It is usually used in conjunction with the Tote Goat or Tote Goat Tower. When the parts count is reached, the gate is closed while the Tote Goat or Tower is indexing the totes. While the gate is closed the incoming parts are being counted, by the light screen sensor, that will go into the next tote. Once a fresh tote is indexed into the fill position, the gate opens and parts proceed to flow into the fresh tote.

Parts controller.jpg

With the TOTAL TOTE PARTS CONTROLLER, parts are sensed by the light curtain sensor. In the event that parts thinner than 3/16 are being produced, the parts can be tilted to provide a greater horizontal target. With each part, the light curtain sensor closes a contact to index the predetermining counter. There is a distance the part must travel, after it is counted, before it enters the tote. The PLC in the Tote Goat can be programmed to delay the gate closure until the last part counted is in the tote. The gate then traps the ensuing parts, after they have been counted, and releases them to the fresh tote, as soon as it is in place. The light curtain sensor is powered by the DC power supply in the Tote Goat.

The PARTS CONTROLLER can be supplied with its own adjustable floor stand or it can be mounted to the base of the Tote Goat or Tower. The PARTS CONTROLLER, when used and installed properly, will provide the highly desirable plus or minus none parts count, per tote. This is dependent upon the parts coming from the press being consistent and never clumped together. No one in the manufacturing industry can guarantee an accurate parts count if the parts are clumped together.

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