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The PARTS SUPPLIER lifts a whole stack of totes and, one at a time, control dumps the parts. It is used in secondary  and assembly operations. It can prevent back injuries and extend unattended run times. The PARTS SUPPLIER is an extremely effective component of any tote handling process, as all of TOTAL TOTE equipment, are labor saving machines.

Total Tote Supplier 1.jpeg
Total Tote Supplier 2.jpeg
Total Tote Supplier 3.jpeg

The second picture shows a loaded stack of totes being loaded with a hand truck into the PARTS SUPPLIER.

The Third picture shows a stack of totes loaded into the machine. The doors will then be closed and then the "Cycle Start" button will be pushed.

Total Tote Supplier 4.jpeg

The fourth picture shows a tote raised to the 72" elevation and being controlled dumped. After all totes have been dumped, the stack of empties are returned to floor level for easy removal and the PARTS SUPPLIER is ready for the next load of full totes. A wonder of manufacturing technology! 

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