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TOTAL TOTE specializes in tote handling equipment. We stack, destack, fill, elevate, rotate, transfer, and dump totes. Our machinery can help reduce injuries and create a more ergonomic work environment. In business since 1976 and handling totes since 1983, we know tote handling and we know totes.

TOTAL TOTE serves many industries. We work a lot with automotive stamping and part production facilities as well as the retail distribution industry. In the automotive stamping industry, there is often one operator per press. By utilizing our equipment, one operator can operate multiple presses. Conveyor manufacturers and integrators often use our products to create "Tote Buffer Zones". We can stack the empty totes to reduce storage space then destack and dispense the totes as needed by the conveyor system.

Industrial Area

Our Quality Guarantee

Our equipment is most often used by automotive stampers, molders, manufactures, automators, distribution centers, and material handling integrators. While some of our equipment also will handle cartons, we specialize in totes. We can supply the tote handling equipment to meet your requirements.

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