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The SLIDER is a manufacturing device that will automatically move an empty container into the fill position when the previous container has been filled. It is perfect for applications that will allow your machines to continue production through lunch and break times or allow more machines to be operated by fewer employees.

Total Tote Slider 1.jpeg
Total Tote Slider 2.jpeg
Total Tote Slider 3.jpeg

It will move the container when it receives a signal from the machine it is connected to or on a user determined count if the optional counter option is purchased.

The SLIDER can also have an optional Strobe light that will alert the operator that an empty replacement container is needed. The SLIDER is made in 2 standard sizes for containers approximately 12" x 15" and 15" x 24".

Total Tote Slider 4.jpeg

The SLIDER is designed to work with totes, boxes, pails, buckets, etc. The containers may exit to the floor or to a conveyor. All TOTAL TOTE machines can be customized for your particular manufacturing application if needed.

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