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The TOTE GOAT automatic tote dispenser provides a quick economical way to fill totes with the desired quantity of parts. Requiring only 120 VAC and compressed air, the TOTE GOAT can be put in place in minutes. Th


Available in nearly 200 models, the TOTE GOAT can dispense stack only, stack and nest, and attached lid totes, making it an extremely versatile tool for tote handling. It can also dispense some trays and some steel shop boxes. The fill can be determined by  counting machine cycles, time, counting the parts, tote fill level sensing, or electronic scale or weigh counting.

Total Tote Tote Goat 1.jpeg
Total Tote Tote Goat 2.jpeg
Total Tote Tote Goat 3.jpeg

The TOTE GOAT can almost always be configured to feed the tote with either the length or width of the tote parallel. When nesting totes are used, separators prevent the tote being dispensed from sticking to the tote in the stack. Operation is as simple as push it into place, put a stack of totes in the TOTE GOAT, hook some conveyor on the end, and provide an input to count or cycle.

Skate wheel conveyor hooks onto the TOTE GOAT, providing quick low cost and easily movable accumulation for filled totes. Accessory equipment, (like the PARTS CONTROLLER shown on top picture), help tailor the TOTE GOAT to fill your manufacturing needs.

Standard equipment includes a predetermining counter, low tote supply sensing, 2" casters, a count input sensor, and Allen-Bradley PLC control. Lots of options and modifications allow you to configure your TOTE GOAT for your exact tote handling application.

Some of the popular options are special height base, outbound conveyor full sensor, large casters, delayed operation, signal light to alert operator, conveyor, and many more. In some cases, the same TOTE GOAT can feed one stack of 24" x 15" stack only totes and two tandem stacks of 12" x 15" totes, one or two at a time.

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