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The PARTS PACKER is a stand alone unit that provides a very economical way to fill containers with a predetermined amount of parts. It can be quickly put in place with only 120 VAC and 60 PSI compressed air required. Two containers are placed on the platform and the PARTS PACKER directs the parts into the first container. When the desired quantity is reached, the diverter directs the parts into the second container and alerts the operator to exchange the filled container with an empty. The operator resets the signal light and is now free to perform other tasks. The PARTS PACKER is an excellent addition to many manufacturing processes.  

Total Tote Parts Packer.jpeg

The PARTS PACKER can fill totes, cartons, shop boxes, buckets, and other containers. It comes standard with a predetermining counter and a sensor. A variety of methods are available to count parts, including counting machine cycles, weight or weigh count filling, or light screen sensors.

The PARTS PACKER can be equipped with our electronic weigh count option, a very high accuracy package. When counting machine cycles, a cycle delay option that the last counted part has time to get into the container, before the diverter shifts.

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