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The TOTE TENDER is a stacking or destacking device. It can destack a stack of totes and then convey in another stack to destack. It can also be configured to stack totes, then exit the stack and begin a new stack. It is used as an in line unit, with other conveyor systems, or as a stand alone tote dispenser, with multiple stack capacity.


The unit at top left has a single surround and is used to supply destacked totes to a prescription filling system. The volume of totes that can be processed is limited only by the length of the inbound conveyor. Stack only, stack and nest, attached lids, nest only, and pails can be processed.

Destacker 1.jpg
Total Tote Tote Tender 2.jpeg

A destacking and stacking TOTE TENDER can supply single totes for filling, as shown in the picture in the bottom left. In this application, a tote is destacked, conveyed to the fill position, elevated for the robot to load, lowered back down to the conveyor, then sent to the stacker. The TOTE TENDER stacker will accumulate a stack of totes and convey them out to an accumulating conveyor.

The control system can be designed to be a stand alone unit or provided with interlocks to work with larger automated systems. The powered conveyor is included with the TOTE TENDER, in six foot lengths. Other lengths, in one foot lengths are available. The stands or mountings can be designed to match up and integrate with your conveyor systems.

Total Tote Tote Tender 3.jpeg
Stacker 1.jpg

Each TOTE TENDER is configured from pre-fabricated components. We can accommodate almost any tote and any application. The TOTE TENDER can also be designed for totes with attached lids. The TOTE TENDER can also be designed for other containers such as the pails.

The TOTE TENDER uses 120 VAC single phase or 230/240 3 phase and compressed air is required.

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