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At TOTAL TOTE, we are always interested in hearing about applications that just can't be handled with "off  the rack" equipment. The TOTE GOAT, TOTE TENDER, and the PARTS SUPPLIER are all three examples of equipment that did not exist until a customer came to us with a need for a tote handling solution. This photo shows a custom destacking-restacking filling system for a molding manufacturer line.

Total Tote Custom Design 2.jpeg
Total Tote Custom Design 1.jpeg
Total Tote Custom Design 3.jpeg

Many times we have modified our standard equipment to fill unique requirements. We have provided custom solutions to system integrators and end users. The picture above shows a custom stacking and palletizing machine for an aircraft parts distribution center.

This photo shows an attached lid closer for a pharmaceutical distribution center.

Total Tote Custom Design 4.jpeg

This custom design photo shows a high speed destacker and restacker for a printer manufacturer parts control system.

This TOTAL TOTE Accessory is a Diverter Chute.

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